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  • Financial Solution
  • Exchange & Remittance
  • HR & Payroll Services
  • CRM
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Management
  • Discrete Manufacturing
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  • Project Management
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • What is Effitrac ERP?

    Effitrac ERP is an enterprise resource planning solution designed for businesses, providing them with a micro-verticalized platform that centralizes all facets of their businesses, including production process, accounting, purchase management, inventory management, supplier management, and customer management among others. It enables companies to fully streamline all their processes, resulting in seamless and frictionless business operations.

    With Effitrac ERP, businesses speed up their tasks and workflows via powerful automation. They enjoy absolute real-time visibility over the business and access reliable business data, allowing them to make intelligent business decisions and quick decisive actions.

    Effitrac ERP provides users with customizable reports that are highly accurate, giving them insights into their business that will help drive growth and achieve business goals.

    Overview of Effitrac ERP Benefits
    Efficient Business Management

    Effitrac ERP simplifies the way you manage your business process with powerful tracking tools and access to real-time data. You can check your work-flow or inventory status from wherever and whenever. One look and you know what needs to be done or adjustments to be made to ensure you make deliveries, meet customer demands, and rake in revenues.

    Do Business Anywhere

    The software supports multiple geographies, languages, and currencies. That means you can trade and deal with local and international parties. Effitract Trading ERP comes with multilingual and multi-currency format templates, helping you avoid manual errors when dealing with local and international businesses that communicate in vernacular.

    Precise Reporting

    Reports must be based on reliable, updated data. With Effitrac ERP, you get that and more. You can customize your reports to show you facts and figures that you need and none that you don’t. Extremely accurate reports help you discover insights that you just can’t get from traditional reporting tools, giving you a huge competitive advantage.

    Offline Mode

    With Effitrac ERP, you can access the software even if you are offline. The system automatically syncs once you go back online. Such functionality enables you to fully maximize your business processes even when you are not connected to the Internet.

    Some of the features of the Textile Accounting Software are:
    • Overview of Effitrac ERP Features
    • Project & Cost Accounting
    • P&L on Subsidiaries
    • 3-way matching purchase, invoice & inventory
    • Inventory valuation on FIFO, LIFO weighted average
    • Inventory aging
    • Dealer / Sub-dealer views
    • Time & Action Plan
    • Raw materials Demand Planning
    • Tag raw materials to an order
    • Time & Leave management
    • Lead & Commission management
    • Human Capital Management
    • Business Intelligence
    • What Problems Will Effitrac ERP Solve?
    • Streamlines cashflow
    • Hold inventory based on demand – Materials Demand Planning
    • Time & Action plan for execution of Job/Production orders
    • Budgets/Controls for finances with respect to subsidiaries and territories
    • Enhances Inter/Intra department communications
    • Automated Work-flows
    • On-the-go mobility solutions with secure access
    • Efficient human capital planning

  • Financial Solution

    "Manage all your accounting needs with effitrac accounting. Be it P&L on your subsidiaries or maintaining books with multiple currencies effitrac eases your work load. Whether its project or cost accounting trust effitrac to be on top of your accounts."


    Professional Services
    Financial Services
    Oil & Gas


    Business User-friendly
    Affluent knowledge of Accounting isn’t necessary to operate our Software. It is suitable and simple to operate for anyone with minimal accounting knowledge.

    Global Tax Engine
    Be it Indian GST or GCC VAT, our software is not confined to a single territory and taxation processes. Grow your business globally with our inbuilt global tax engine.

    Numbering Engine
    Generate reports that abide to your company policy and rules. Number them according to the compliance with effitrac.

    Cash Management
    Are you able to control your cash flow? With effitrac, you can make data-driven decisions.Create business roles on the fly based on the business demand. Control, make decisions and Effectively manage cash using Multicurrency GL Account ledgers.

    Conversion Rates
    Control the exchange rate of foreign currency transactions. Enable Forex transactions, 3-way currency conversions and much more with effitrac.

    Configurable KPI's
    Configure Key Performance Indicators for your team to set predefined goals and make powerful, data reflected decisions.

    Better Control
    always stay on the right track with effitrac.

  • Supermarket & Grocery

    Supermarket Billing,Grocery Store POS & Inventory System gives full control on your business

    Wondersoft offers the best grocery billing software that is perfect for supermarkets. Our software gives you complete control over your business and is in perfect compliance with the industry standards. Wondersoft fully understands the need for convenience and efficiency in any industry. It is for this reason we have come up with a wide range of services that meet the required standard. Call Wondersoft to know more about provision store billing software for your needs.

    Wondersoft’s POS Systems For Retail Offers The Following Features:

    Safe and robust POS

    Wondersoft's touch screen eShopAid feature is compatible with handheld electronic device. This application assists in billing, petty change disbursal, bill cancellation and collaboration with call centers. We also take immense pride in providing the latest services to clients. Some of them include barcode scanning and quick generation of reports. Our sync-enable feature has proven to be a popular feature among retailers. Label printing and shelf ticketing are our latest additions.

    Promotions and Offers

    Wondersoft understands that for a business to survive, customer interaction is important. Your clients can expect all kinds of surprising seasonal offers, weekend sale information and coupon redemption announcements through their email and mobile phones. Our smart tool, Promotion Engine assists your retail outlet in achieving results through these promotional campaigns.

    Features include:

    • Our Promotion Engine curates several offers for your customers. Multi buy, happy hours and big sale are a few of the smart initiatives.
    • We help your business to create campaigns and exclusive offers well ahead of time. By selecting auto trigger, the campaign is rolled out on the specified date.
    • Our products can prioritise deals and sales to avoid conflicts. We even exclude specific brands or products from the campaign to leverage the growth.
    • At Wondersoft, we offer Standard, Enterprise and Business Ultimate packages, from which you can opt for the one that suits your business requirements.

    Switch to Cloud POS solutions that have been hailed the best retail POS software in the industry and enhance your business.

  • Lifestyle & Fashion

    POS and Store Management Software For Lifestyle And Fashion Retail Stores

    Today's Retail Industry management is highly demanding. Wondersoft's products and services address the major challenges and eases out the day-to-today operations.

    Optical Billing & Inventory Management Software For Fashion Retail Stores

    Vouched by many satisfied clients, our garment software is one of the most essential software solutions, designed to make every retail shop owner breathe easy! We at Wondersoft, take particular care of our lifestyle and fashion industry patrons and offer the best cloud pos solutions possible in India. ShopAid and WhoIsIn are two of the products that work particularly well for FMCG. With our retail management solutions, you will never have to worry about warehouse management, accounting, maintaining a secure environment etc., Our products have been developed to take care of price revisions, barcode printing, stock movement, promotion schemes and all the other daily chores that are involved in running a retail store. Our software solutions handle complex tasks like multi-location stock handling to simple ones like invoice printing for you, thereby maximizing your profits at every possible place.

    An All-Encompassing Billing And Inventory Management System For FMCG Distributors

    If you are an FMCG distributor based in India, we recommend you invest in a comprehensive and the best inventory software in india immediately. Wondersoft takes your business a step further by offering a complete ERP solution to ensure that your entire process, from start to finish, is completely automated. From stock picking to customer orders, when you choose a Wondersoft product, you chose to make your business easier and more profitable. You will never have to worry about manually billing each and every piece of inventory that crosses your path as a distributor. Wondersoft makes it automatic for you.

    Some of the additional features that we offer with our inventory management solutions are:

    • Analysis of product age and hourly sale
    • GP & TOP reports
    • Multiple month comparison
    • Stock movement
    • Audit reports
    • Multi location stock holding

    Mobile phones have become an absolute necessity. Wondersoft has incorporated the use of mobiles with promotions schemes by offering the option of generating e-vouchers and mobile vouchers. You can also opt for multi-tier loyalty programs to keep a track of customer buying trends. Informing customers about clearance and EOS sales has never been so easier! Redemption of coupons, points and gift vouchers are also other features available in the software to increase sales.

  • Electrical & Electronics

    Grow Your Business With The Best Electrical Shop Billing And Inventory Management Software

    Wondersoft specialises in electronic store management software to help you stay ahead of your peers. Manage your inventory and make informed decisions with our range of services. Our cloud-based point of sale software is designed exclusively for computer stores and electronic outlets. Wondersoft products are compatible with all types of Android phones, from a small handset to a large tablet.

    Retail Solutions That Incorporate Vital Processes Like Billing And Inventory Management

    IMEI/Serial Number Tracking

    At Wondersoft, you can find software to help you track individual IMEI numbers for mobile phones. We efficiently achieve through mobile-driven technology.

    Stock control

    A new product is available in the market, while the archaic ones move out. At Wondersoft we ensure that updating of stock information is an easy process. Our inventory management fetches great profits, and we also provide a multi-location stock transfer. For maximum efficiency, we insist on maintaining a minimum stock of items to ensure they are available to your customers. Also, ensure that these products are always close to hand so that they can be sold to the customer. Keep a tab on all these details through our eShopAid. Other benefits include: 1. Order management 2. Sales and billing 3. Loyalty coupons and replenishing goods

    Inventory Management

    Wondersoft has smart tools, so you meet the demands of your customers. In the case of seasonal rush and holiday offers, we help you stay ahead of the demand curve. Wondersoft ensures immediate availability of a product, offline and online billing, accurate inventory management and establishing links between your store and product.

    Point Of Sale Software For Retail Stores Specializing In Electronics

    Wondersoft believes in providing you with the best and reliable POS software for electrical and electronics outlets. Electronic point of sale system ensures safety in every click. Wondersoft takes pride in offering electronic POS software to prevent fraudulent activity. Some of its outstanding features have been enumerated below.

    Use Analytics To Boost Your Electronic Store

    Real-time reports pertaining to inventory, sales, products, and employees are essential to make fast decisions. At Wondersoft, we offer tracking reports for each brand, incentive reports for each salesperson and purchase reports to help you predict future sales. This is equal to seeing your report card every day, mapping your sales and growth.

  • Food & Beverages

    The Best Restaurant Management System Software with POS Features

    Running a restaurant involves a lot of factors that needs to be managed with a great care. For over two decades, Wondersoft has worked with several top chains of restaurants to furnish them with comprehensive restaurant pop systems .

    Running a restaurant involves a lot of factors that needs to be managed with great care. For over two decades Wondersoft has worked with several top chains of restaurants to furnish them with comprehensive restaurant pos systems. We suggest our ShopAid software that is compatible with all mobile phones and has a distinct touch-screen POS. It is best-suited for retail outlets and restaurant chain spread across different geographical locations. Our highly versatile open source restaurant management system can be used in any kind of dining establishments, ranging from the comfy and small diners to the most expensive restaurants.

    Restaurant Software To Help Out With The Inventory Management

    A pioneer in the industry, we are a household name for both upcoming as well as established hotels. Our Restaurant POS Software includes the following features:

    eShopAid for POS and billing

    We have designed a smart yet simple restaurant billing software that is the perfect retail solution to handle high volumes of traffic. Whether it is a New Year's gathering or a regular weekend crowd, manage your billing, sales and order management with Wondersoft's eShopAid. Benefits like end to end functionality, user-friendly and offline solutions are guaranteed by Wondersoft. Inventory Control And Management Whether you own a fancy café, restaurant or a chain of hotels, Wondersoft provides you with the right tools and software to help you focus on the business part. We work behind-the-scenes, so you do not have to sweat it out over the small stuff. Through our inventory module, you can keep track of products, make local purchases, check for fast moving or expired stock and replenish them.

    Order and Distribution Management Equip your staff with a handheld tablet to enable efficient placing of orders. It is messy to work with paper and keep track of each customer’s orders. There are no duplicate entries and erroneous data. For quick and efficient customer service, Let Wondersoft take care of your business.

    KOT Management Right from placing an order, to billing, our mobile applications ensure there are no loopholes in your business. We also help you keep track of sales on a daily and monthly basis. Hourly sales, attractive dashboards, and colour based audit reports are our speciality. Whether you are a number person or prefer to study charts, we have a complete list of solutions just for you. Creating reports have never been easier!

    Recipe management

    Wondersoft has proved to be instrumental in chalking out recipes for the raw products available in the kitchen pantry. We deal in end-to-end production processes, tracking of food wastage as well as food costs.

    Connecting with customers

    Know your customer and curate special deals for them with our Loyalty Solutions. This tool strengthens your relationship with a customer and offers them loyalty points. We even plan out dedicated campaigns like Weekend rush, Happy hours and festive rush.

  • Bakery & Confectionery

    Your search for The Best Bakery and Sales Software Ends Here.

    We are a Bakery and confectionery management software designed to help you increase your profits and organise your bakery operations. Managing Inventory and Keeping track of sales is not an easy task!

    We have designed a bakery and confectionery management software designed to help you increase your profits and organise your bakery operations. Managing inventory and keeping track of sales is not an easy task!.That is why, we at Wondersoft, offer cost-effective and reasonably priced solutions to help manage business better. With nearly 10000+ installations, we have stood steady for the past 2 decades.

    Bakery ERP software from Wondersoft

    Wondersoft's software for bakers is designed to help them run their bakery business smartly and efficiently. Few of the services we provide include the following:

    Point of sale Touch-screen monitors and user-friendly interfaces allow fast transactions. Our eShopaid is based on a cloud model and suited for all retail stores and outlets that are widespread. It has features like warehouse management, e-commerce and order management.

    Inventory management Keeping a tab on the supply of goods is no cake-walk. At Wondersoft, we help you make local purchases and transfer available stock. Our Stock Check feature is used to sort your products by batches or product wise. We generate reports and sync the data to Shopaid (our cloud-based model) to avoid any altering of information.

    Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) management Wondersoft's KOT software assists you in allotting tables to customers, taking orders and billing. We help you from order to generation of bill, keep track of service charges on home delivery options and table maintenance. Working with paper printouts of customer's orders is messy. With our Kitchen Display Systems (or KDS), Wondersoft simplifies the process of taking orders and swiping them.

    Build better relationships with customer (CRM) Wondersoft’s Kiosk helps your brand connect with customers through regular feedback, social media interaction and product display on screen. Your clients can browse through all the categories of items in store, and make a purchase later. We help you in effective promotion through combo offers, coupon codes and gift vouchers to customers. New customers are identified through interaction on social media. Wondersoft is a trusted choice when it comes to bakery management software.

    Wholesale bakery POS software

    Our bakery software features touch POS integration with WhoIsIn. This feature is used for billing with attendance. We help you generate incentives for the salesman whoever is eligible. We require that the employee has to be logged in to avail this feature. In case they are not available online, their names are not displayed on the billing screen. Wondersoft uses high-end technology to help your business reach greater heights.

  • Salon & Spa

    Salon Billing Software Designed For The Panache Salon & Spa Of Today

    The Salon Software from Wondersoft eases out many day-to-day hassles that the Salon & Spa face. The Salon & Spa industry has been around for ages offering beauty and healthy treatments to its customers.

    Salon Management Software Designed For The Panache Salon & Spa Of Today

    Hair salon software from Wondersoft eases out many a day-to-day hassle that the Salon & Spas of today face. The Salon & Spa industry has been around for ages offering beauty and health treatments to its customers. We understand what this industry and our clients need for their speciality line and offer a customised solution that will help reducing your paperwork to a great deal. We insist on simplicity, and yet our products are created using high-end technology. We customise your requirements in order to bring out the best in your business.

    Salon appointment booking and POS software

    Wondersoft offers salon POS system that will make running a Salon into a easy task for the owners. Here are a few of the tantalising benefits: Appointment Tracking We provide touch-screen based appointment booking that comes with a calendar view. Your customers receive confirmation through SMS or email. Wondersoft helps your business succeed by incorporating all the facilities on mobile phones. We take pride in easing your life and ensuring hassle-free transactions. Through our eShopAid, we help you manage petty change management, billing-including cancellation and appointment modification to accommodate any changes.

    Employee satisfaction With Wondersoft, it is easy to keep track of your employee's efforts and reward their success. Our scheduled appointment booking makes it easier to offer employee bonus points, incentives and announce the star of the day. For additional details, drop a message at Wondersoft or call us over the phone. We will be glad to assist you.

    Customer is King (or Queen!) We understand that customer retention is important. Keeping this in mind, our software manages previous visit history of your customers, important occasions, and their favourite brand, colour & haircut details. This adds a bit of personal touch to your salon.

    Our Promotion Engine curates the relevant offer detail to your customer. Our eShopAid aims at strengthening your ties with your customers. Promotional offers, loyalty rewards and point redemption are our special highlights.

    Service Management Many customers prefer getting their salon services done by a skilled employee. With this idea, we offer variety of gift vouchers, membership cards and packages.

    Benefits of our eShopAid include:
    • Real-time data availability
    • Ability to work during connection disruption
    • Auto sync on resuming power

    Incentives for clients Call Wondersoft for a virtual demo or to know more about securing your customers. We help you with loyalty programs, incentives, regular member bonuses, and more for a successful organisation. Our salon inventory management software and appointment booking software will make sure that your salon is filled with customers the whole year round. Another reason why you should visit us at Wondersoft.