Optimizing business performance for Medium & Large Enterprises:

Tally. Server9 is an enterprise-class product for medium and large sized businesses whose pace of growth requires them to invest in IT infrastructure that improves business efficiencies. Tally. Server9 optimises business performance and is the right choice for enterprises looking at exponential business growth. Advantages of Tally.Server9

  • All users can work fast without impacting each other’s access to data, thereby increasing organisational efficiency
  • The administrator/business owner can control the visibility of physical data files and the rights for administrative operations of all users, thereby minimising risks of data misuse
  • Maintains high data consistency in intense use environment
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Low maintenance and high efficiency of operations in any size of business
  • High concurrency:

    Tally.Server9 offers data concurrency in that multiple users can simultaneously load companies, save transactions, export reports, import data, print reports, take backup and perform other data related activities without experiencing any downtime or wait state.

    For example,

    Suppose a user starts to take a report for the last month, and another user wants to update a bill for the same month. Concurrent access will ensure that both users can perform their respective tasks at the same time.

    Similarly, in the case when a number of users open the company for loading one at a time. Concurrent data access ensures that all users can load and open the company simultaneously. This frictionless access directly results in optimal utilisation of man hours as the velocity at which a task gets completed on the system will increase significantly.

    Tally. Server9 will ensure optimal utilisation of resources for your organisation with greater speed of task completion and zero downtime.


    Tally.Server 9 ensures security of all your data by providing access control. This allows the business owner to allow data access permissions to only the required personnel.

    The data files are managed through Tally.Server 9. The physical location or path for the data on the server need not be shared with any user. Only the name of the data server needs to be shared with the clients for them to access and operate Tally.ERP 9. Furthermore, operations for company data management like backup, restore, and so on, are also controlled with server level permissions. This ensures that data managed by Tally.Server 9 is only available after mandatory authorisation.

    High reliability:

    Tally. Server9 ensures that your system is reliable with minimal downtime and continuous data availability. This will allow you to access your company data anytime, from anywhere.

    System downtimes can be caused by various reasons.

    For example,

    maintenance operations like backup, requires users to stop working so that a proper and consistent backup can be taken. With Tally.Server 9, backup can be taken anytime without affecting either the speed of access for the user or the consistency of data. In other words, users can continue entering transactions or using reports while the backup is happening. There is no downtime for backup.

    Similarly, any kind of activity at the client end will ensure that it is kept isolated to the client. Neither the data on the server, nor will the activities of any other user get impacted. This ensures that any loss of time due to system unavailability is minimised.

    Business Process Optimisation:

    Tally.Server 9 analyses system usage and user activities to optimise the various processes and time spent on them.

    Since access is controlled through Tally.Server 9, authorised users will be able to monitor who is currently logged in, which companies are open, track the activities, and even disconnect users if such a requirement arises. Each business process or function requires users to perform certain activities and spend some time to input and/or analyse information.

    For Example,

    when a user has to take data from bank statement and use it as input for the bank ledger on the system, for reconciliation of balances.

    A business may expect this function to take 60 man hours in a month, Tally.ERP 9 reports suggest that it is taking 120 hours. The business can then make corrective decisions to reduce the number of man hours spent.

    Tally.Server9 allows a user to discover such issues and work on them for necessary changes in the business function. The monitoring will help discover and optimise processes or system usage for enhanced productivity, which would otherwise be extremely difficult to analyse.

    Tally. Server9

    Tally. Server9 installs a server component offering dedicated access to Tally.ERP 9 data. Not only does it support concurrent usage by multiple individuals simultaneously, but also provides an extremely secure and risk-free environment for your company data. Tally. Server9 can be used by medium and large businessesthat have multiple users performing various activities simultaneously to efficiently handle all data.

    Tally. Server9 provides advanced monitoring and administrative control to business owners and administrators through its unique Monitor feature. The Tally. Server9 Monitor acts as a remote control for the data server, and helps to restrict or authorise a user’s access to features as per business requirements. This monitoring tool will help the administrator to substantially increase user productivity and efficiency, ensuring that the system is used optimally to complete day-to-day operational tasks.

    Tally. Server9 runs as a service, and once started it will be available in Windows Services section.